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"Who Else Wants To Find Tips, Tools &

Resources to Help Achieve Your Business

Goals & Professional Aspirations?"

Learn The #1 Secret on How To Succeed and Prosper

Dear Friend:

Welcome to the CEO Women’s Club,

We've worked for 12+ years helping those in women CEO, corporate women, successful business women, female entrepreneur and developing women's roles build the experience, knowledge, passion, direction and strategies to achieve the results that they want.

We know what works and what doesn't. We've seen all the mistakes and challenges
that have held many women back

At the same time, we've found through research, trial and error and experience what the best women in business do to push through problems and achieve superior results.

So we built this site to provide you with the connections, resources, tools and support you need to reach your objectives. It's a customized approach for you based on your unique challenges, strengths and aspirations.

Why do it by yourself? Risk not being as successful and you could be? 
Why not leverage the successes of others to help you in your situation? 

women ceo mini-courseTo help YOU get started, we've put together a free, step-by-step, email mini-course to help you in women ceo or other female business roles.  It's designed to help you figure out what you need, what you should avoid, how to position yourself, how to make sure your plan is executed effectively so you surpass your expectations.

In our Free "Mini" Course, You'll Learn:

            women ceo arrow bullet   Why some women get to the top and what you can learn from them to help you ...       
 women ceo arrow bullet 

This little known fact about how to get promoted and advance ...

 women ceo arrow bullet 

The #1 way on how to create the strategy that leads to better execution, performance ...

 women ceo arrow bullet 

The danger of trying to fit into a "man's world" and how it can hurt you ...

 women ceo arrow bullet Why the right mindset is more important than anythng else ...
 women ceo arrow bullet 22 reasons why the best got that way and how that helps you ...
 women ceo arrow bullet Why you may be closer to derailing than you think ...
 women ceo arrow bullet How your competition or enemies may be doing you a big favor ...
 women ceo arrow bullet Why your sales are flat and not likely to grow very much despite your best efforts ...
 women ceo arrow bullet and much much more


"It was a privilege to address the CEO's Women's Club. These talented women authentically shared their challenges and provided each other support in a safe learning environment designed to empower women to meet their goals.  I feel I got more out of the time spent than I gave."

Lynn Elsenhans, CEO, Sunoco, Fortune 50 Company

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women ceo optimization

Business Optimization Checklist

A checklist to assess the performance of  your business based upon key benchmarks from other business leaders.

women ceo checklist

Supervisor Engagement Tool

A tool to help you determine how engaged your boss is your success. Is he or she likely to help you or hold you back. What you can do to fix it.

women ceo avoid ceiling

Glass Ceiling Checklist

An assessment to determine if you are being impacted by a glass ceiling and what you can do to get around potential barriers.

Also you owe it your success to participate in other activities and programs on this site

As a Participant in the Club, You'll Learn:

  • The #1 way to create the right strategy that leads to better execution, more effective use of your talents and improvements in business results ...
  • The real power of interacting with a global network of women and how their experiences can help you ...
  • How successful top-tier women executive role models got there and what can you learn from their experiences to help you in your situation ...
  • The power of participating in virtual and in-person peer group and think-tank discussions as a way to solve tough problems ...
  • How to avoid the isolation that many leaders feel and get support to avoid costly mistakes and make better decisions ...
  • To get the most out of one-on-one coaching for executive problem solving and growth ...
  • From videos of interviews, peer group sessions and workshops that will present important issues to women as well as tried and true solutions that have work for others ...
  • With access to a variety of tools, articles, best practices, top 10 lists, strategies and other resources that were developed to help women ceo as well as you achieve your goals.



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